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South Pacific Petroleum Corporation is committed to being a good neighbor and a responsible corporate citizen. We honor and demonstrate this commitment not only through our economic activity but also through corporate philanthropy and volunteerism.
At SPPC, we believe that the general health of our company is directly tied to the well being of our community. While our interests are global, we are very much a community-oriented company.
As such, we seek to provide financial and human resources to program and service providers that help make our community a better place for all of us.

Our Community Partnerships, Corporate Contributions, and our volunteer group, Team SPPC, all contribute to educational, health, cultural, civic and charitable organizations that promote improvement in the quality of life and the vitality of our local community.

Constrained only by the limits of our available resources,
South Pacific Petroleum Corporation will always strive to be a good neighbor. We depend on our community for our success.
Our community can depend on us.