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Fuel Products

SPPC is the official licensed supplier of 76 Quality PROclean Gasolines. Island motorists can experience the enhanced performance of 76 fuel in three octane grades. The 76 brand name, with more than 2,700 retail fuel sites in the U.S. and it's distinctive ball icon, has been providing high performance petroleum products and excellent customer service for more than 100 years.

76 Diesel
If you need quality diesel fuel, stop by your favorite 76 location around the island. Conveniently located at each station, you can fill-up your containers 24-hours a day.

South Pacific Petroleum Corporation also provides and delivers quality diesel fuels to volume accounts across the island. For price and delivery information concerning our diesel fuels contact

For information please contact:

Mark Sablan
Office: 588-7215

Anna P. A. Gera
Office: 588-7282